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3 reviews
WOW. I just devoured my dinner delivered promptly from Taksim. The Meze Platter (easily enough for two), with every element fresh, cool, beautifully flavored and delish with enclosed bread. Lamb Shish Kebab was a little dry, possibly from travel, but flavorful, and the pilaf is lovely, along with refreshing salad. Three petit pieces of Baklava for dessert were not cloyingly sweet and generous with nuts. This is now my Go-To Middle Eastern Restaurant. Glad I followed the many positive reviews this place has gotten.


Top Reviewer
So the good arrived late and not really hot BUT I would have waited 2 hours more and eaten it frozen, because it was that good!!! The homemade bread is amazing! The falafel is some of the best I've ever had. Even the rice was fluffy and perfectly seasoned! They even threw in a rice pudding, which was the best rice pudding I've ever had!!! Everything was amazing andI will be ordering again!


3 reviews
Dope. Dope dope dope. This place is fantastic. First off, the Shepherd's Salad was traditional Greek style, meaning just tomatoes and cucumbers! So worth the value. I got the falafel platter in addition. Super good as well. Those that are looking for a more traditional pita adventure might be bummed but I was pleasantly surprised by the bread! I can't wait to try their lamb gyro, etc, etc.


Top Reviewer
I've loved this place for a while but never ordered delivery to my business. The delivery was a little slow but the food made it so worth it. Everything was fresh and delicious. Probably the best chicken shish I ever had!


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Fantastic food, good portions, worth the price. The hummus was just right and the mixed platter showed the range of their cooking and spices. Would recommend to anyone looking for middle eastern and turkish cuisine.

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Top Reviewer
I was a little hesitant using the seamless ordering system but once I got over it and used it everything went GREAT. From placing the order to the final bite of food that took two sit downs to finish. As soon as my order was placed and paid for including the well deserved tip for the fast right to my door delivery. This joint closes early 930pm and that is the only bad thing that I have to say, the food was excellent in taste and flavor the packageing of the food was perfect, the bread was very good and went well with the chicken soup with lemon. The eggplant in roasted garlic I'm definitely getting again was good. the chicken kebabs over rice and the salad were enjoyed twice, lol. I recommend this place and this is my honest review, if it was no good I wouldn't waste my time writing this excellent review I'LL BE BACK TO ORDER AGAIN! THANKS BART PALUMBO


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As a Turkish person, I'm usually a skeptic when eating from Turkish joints as they rarely meet my high expectations. I'm also a vegetarian which does not make it easy for me to find Turkish veggie dishes, since most places are commercialized for the American customer. But..."The Meze Platter" is exactly what I have been looking for when I want a little piece of home! Of course it's not gonna be like my mother's food (lol) but I think they're reeaally good considering they were made with American ingredients. It comes with a delicious, warm piece of bread and we've been receiving "sutlac" with our orders (not sure if it's included in the meze platters or if they're just hooking me up) which is definitely a bonus :) LOVE the food! Thank you TAKSIM!


4 reviews
We are SO LUCKY to have this place in South Slope/North Sunset Park. We loved our first meal so much I placed a large order for my husband's birthday last night. All the classics: lentil soup, meze (baba ghanoush and eggplant salad are incredible!!!), Iskendar kebab, falafel, shephards salad...really high quality, nice portions, and superb flavor. Also, they are so well packaged for take out, service is lovely, overall, I couldn't be happier to have a high quality, professional Turkish restaurant in the 'hood.


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We've ordered from them twice. Delivery was fast and everything was delicious, both times. Standouts: The shishkabob chicken-with-yogurt: the meze platter: anything lamb. Seriously, the lamb chop that comes with the mixed grill is like the Platonic ideal of a good lamb chop. Also: Get extra "Turkish bread"! It's fantastic when it's still hot and it retains its basic deliciousness for several days. It's our new favorite neighborhood take-out place. May it stay as good as it currently is.


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I want to update a previous review. The first time I ordered, there were mistakes in the order, but the food was good. This time, the order was perfect, and the food was really good. The rice pudding is crazy delicious, and the meze plate is solid. As one review noted, you get one small piece of Turkish bread with the meze plate, so you might want to order extra. This time, I actually got the Turkish bread, and it was good but not great.

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